Is PAP The Only Viable Option In Singapore?

Mr PM, please consider this.

Many times, we have been repeatedly told that PAP is the only and viable option? Question is how believable is this today??

In order to put this question to rest, an objective approach substantiated by hard facts and plain and transparent logic may help the good citizens to decide for themselves.

Let us score PAP’s performance against the fundamentals that concern all Singaporeans.

1 Integrity and Meritocracy are sacred principles in Singapore never to be compromised. This is the branding of Singapore.

Integrity – IDA fake degree, Witchhunt on Aljunied TC vs PAP TCs – Aimgate, Jurong TC where PAP grassroots leader is TC GM is supplier GM, Lehman Brothers in PAP TCs, Sengkang saga with HDB and MND, Nee Soon MP company is TC supplier, lawyer MP overcharging by 1M….

Meritocracy – this is easiest to debunk. SMRT!!!!, Youth Olympics, MP Intan endorsing cheat Yang Yin, IDA employing fake degree person, Jurong TC just cannot keep rats and bugs away, Tanjong Pagar visit by MP once in 5 years according to a TP resident, family, relatives and crony network ….

2 The application of the Rule of Law is to be administered equally to all in Singapore, no exceptions and discretion.

SPF, AGC on RN, HHH, Ravi, Amos Yee, LTA parking violation exception, Ello, the twins of PAP Jasons…..

3 The job market available to Singaporeans must be fair in terms of total cost to employ, no unfair hiring practices, need for credible qualifications and adequate labor protection for all.

Government opening doors even wider to all Asean citizens, of which 80% indicated they want to work in Singapore. 80% of the working population of Asean population!!!! If you think today is bad, just wait till 2016 when this horror is unleashed on Singaporeans by the our government.

The fake degrees and millions of third world cheap labor will descend like swarms to attack our jobs, your families, destroy our Society. Then, even our 70 year old senior citizens will have competition in cleaning tables at hawker centers and selling tissues. Already happening today!

4 CPF / Medishield… is our money and for our retirement use at age 55.

No need to say more. You must be blind if you do not know whats happening here. This is the greatest perversion of trust.

5 Accessibility to affordable, efficient and effective Healthcare, Education, Social Welfare, Transportation are basic requirements to be made available to citizens.

What do you think of our glorious SMRT? What the hospital availability? What about the numerous obstacles to getting welfare aid. How about the millions of dollars of scholarships given to foreigners whilst our children are struggling with education loans.

6 Accountability and transparency of Government to the people.

CPF, GIC, Temasek, Healthcare, SMRT, Grassroots organization and PA….

Now that we have reviewed the performance of PAP, then do scoring.

  1. Scoring the card will produce some rather obvious conclusions.
  2. Then you will ask yourself, ‘If we do not vote PAP, then vote for who?’
  3. Then the obvious question dawn on you. ‘What is the contribution of these people in government so far. Nothing or worse, negatives? Why do we have to pay million dollars for this kind of results??????”
  4. The next obvious question, ‘You mean NOBODY can do better than this???????????????’
  5. Suddenly incredulous enlightenment happens. ‘Actually anybody can do better than this’
  6. Further light shines brighter. ‘ And Cheaper too’

I exaggerate you not here. The conclusion is made simple and straightforward because the current government, infested with half dimwit under talents whose only talents is sucking up, has made it so easy to flush their flaws and misdeeds for all to see.

Most damning of all, the neutered leadership have chosen if not silence, then equally appalling moronic and twisted logic as their incriminating defense.

Spencer Goh

* Comment appeared in TRE article: PM: Next GE about forming new leaders to lead SG



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