Hirzi: I Will Remain Ferarless For The Voiceless, Unconventional Young

Last year same month, Youtube Fanfest granted us a wonderful opportunity to have a meet and greet with our fans and followers. I just graduated. I remember turning up in my graduation gown. Most that turned up were teens between the age of 12 to 17. At the meet and greet, we opened the floor just for a casual chat with the kiddos. What came out of it was surprising. Instead, the kids chose to confide in us, their darkest moments.

A 12 year old boy told me he was a victim of sexual assault in school by a group of boys because he was effeminate.

A 14 year old hijabi girl asked me how can she overcome self-mutiliation. When I asked her why she do it. She said because she does not know how to come to terms with her feelings for girls.

Cameras from the event were rolling. I told them to shut it down. Heart heavy, I didn’t tell them what was right or wrong. We all had our own perception of what values and morals are. But I knew we all know what is human. My answer to them all stemmed from ‘support’. I said to them I won’t be the person today without Munah and she would not be the person she is today without me. I told them, they needed to find ‘their person’. I realise then my channel was more than just two weirdos attempting comedy, it was two comical persons representing weirdos… No, ‘Different people’. Unconventional people. I left that event packing up my bags to leave Singapore for a good 5 months for America.

This year I came back and their voices and faces still etched in my memory. This year I came back and I said, if I told them they needed their person… I’ll gladly use my voice to be their person.

Growing up we had no social media to turn to, to find representation for how different we are. I’m glad that in my lifetime I am able to reach out for every different persons. Gay, Straight, Fat, Weird, Special, Loud.

And to my fellow peers in the industry, if you are afraid to show your support… You must remember these kids are more afraid than you. And for all the support they have showed in our work. Voicing up is the least of our fears and is fearless at the same time too. We all have different ideas of what is right and wrong, but we should all have the same idea of what is human.

What I choose to do this year, is not my glory. It’s for these kids. It’s not to sensationalise that a brown person is standing up for a course as controversial as this. It’s not my moment. Fear is what some voices want me to feel at this point. And fear is the last thing I will show. Because these kids, need my fearlessness. And since I am Beyonce level bad ass… I want you kids to know. I am here for you. For I am your Minah.

Smart people are not afraid of intellectual discussions. They won’t shut you down too quickly.

Yours Sincerely,
Hirzi Zulkiflie.
Sometimes Syasya. Sometimes Corporal Hassan. Sometimes Ang Mo Kio Aunty.


Source: MunahHirziOfficial

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