Anti-LGBT Camp Has Moral High Ground, Engage WIth Compassion And Civility

It is that time of the year when the activists from the sodomite camp start their provocation.

We must, like always, stand up like civilised humans and do not degrade ourselves (in conduct and words) to their level.

The activists wants a reaction. They want us to lose our sanity. They want us to veer away from the path of light and guidance. They want us to be like them.

Do not give them that pleasure. Do not listen to the devil’s whisper.

We call people to goodness. We call people back to the path that leads to God. We call people back to what is pure.

When there are calls to evil, we should help those mesmerised by the call to get clarity and come back.

If we act like the activists from the sodomite camp, how can we give clarity?

Hence we must not be militant. We must not be aggressive to them. We must not be confrontational.

I know the word “confrontational” has been vastly misused by some in the last year. Those who used that word last year themselves do not know whats truly is happening on the ground hence the not so intelligent remarks.

We must not be confrontational to “fight” them but we must be forthright and CLEAR to tell them NICELY and in a CIVILISED manner that what they do is WRONG.

We are holding the moral high ground. Good can never be extinguished by evil unless we let them by being evil like them.


1) Engage and spread the awareness but in the best of speeches and methods.
2) Do not judge them. Most of them do not know that they have been mislead. They need clarity to get out of it. Last year many did leave.
3) Continue to help those who sincerely needs help.
4) Hate the sin but not the person. We want the best for everyone around us. We want the society to prosper. The best way is to be inclusive and help them get out of the trance/misguidance they are in.
5) We need to love them and hate their sin. Slowly and surely when they know we truly care (and we have shown that) then they will come back and leave the sinful lifestyle.
6) Do not keep quiet. We discuss and share and remind not because we want to win individually but because we care for the society and our children’s future.

Let’s be nice. Let’s be civil. Let’s help those who need sincerely.


Azman Ivan Tan


Source:  We are against Pinkdot in Singapore

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