Ustaz Noor Deros: Changing For The Better Through Islam First

For every Muslim who wants to change for the better, let us come to Islam first, for Allah have already provided a complete life transformation program, no, I am not talking about the Islamised modern psychological techniques, what I am refering to are techniques that come directly from Islam and Muslims, the below list is to show that there are similarieties, not to potray that they are identical :

Cognitive technique and Logotherapy : Ilmu, Right Aqidah, Tafakkur, Tadabbur, Islamic Worldview.
علم، عقيدة، تفكر، تدبر

Support system : Jama’ah, Suhbah, Khidmah.
جماعة، صحبة، خدمة

Counselling : Muzakarah (Not only Muzakarah Ilmu) and Nasihah.
مذاكرة، نصيحة

Controlling automatic thoughts : Taubat, Solah, Muraqabah, Muraqabah Maut, Zikr.
توبة، صلاة، مراقبة، ذكر، مراقبة الموت

Temporary Isolation/quarantine technique : Khalwah, Uzlah, Safar.
خلوة، عزلة، سفر

Sound therapy : Sounds of nature, Spiritual Poetry and Qasidah.

Pledging : Talqin Syahadah, Bay’ah.
تلقين الشهادة، بيعة

Therapy with food : Fasting, Halal, less meaty, eat before one is hungry and stop before one is full.

Sexual therapy : Marriage, fasting, covering of aurah, lowering the gaze.

No modern resemblance : Hadra

Many who claim that these techniques are outdated and ineffective are those who have not experience it nor seen its tremendous results.

Why not give it a try?

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Source: Ustaz Noor Deros

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