Yaacob Ibrahim: MDA Right To Shut Down The Real Singapore

Minister for Communications and Information Dr Yaacob Ibrahim said the Media Development Authority (MDA) did the right thing when it shut down The Real Singapore (TRS) website.

Speaking on the sidelines of a community event on Sunday (May 10), Dr Yaacob added that the Singapore Government is not against the internet, but it is important to preserve racial and religious harmony.

Two of the website’s editors have been charged with publishing seditious articles on TRS and TRS Facebook page.

Dr Yaacob said: “Since 1996, we’ve only had 27 interventions. We have never shut down a site. We do this very, very carefully but once you cross the line, and in this case, they have, and we have enough evidence to show that all the materials are very egregious and can cause a lot of racial unhappiness, we have to move. I am confident that MDA has done the right thing.”

He added: “It is aboveboard, you can see all the evidence we have put forward in terms of the materials in which they have published.”


Source: www.channelnewsasia.com

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