Efforts Of Pink Dot Ambassadors Should Be Lauded, Not Condemned

I refer to the report “Varsity students to launch independent LGBT network” (May 8), in which the ambassadors for this year’s Pink Dot event were announced.

Some activists and individuals from certain religious communities have since reacted harshly, to the extent of attacking the ambassadors’ personal character, calling them heretics and questioning their religious values.

The outburst and name-calling are uncalled for. While religion plays a role in shaping the public’s opinion on morality issues, it should not be the only determinant.

This is especially important in Singapore’s context of a secular and diverse society, where the views of all faiths and belief systems should be given fair consideration, even if some of these are in the minority.

For comparison, a Muslim lawmaker in Australia, Mr Ed Husic, recently supported the legislation of same-sex marriages in the country, despite his religious convictions, because he understands the importance of the issue to the lives of some.

The Pink Dot ambassadors speak on behalf of LGBT people and their families, transcending race, religion and social class. It is a brave effort that should be lauded, not condemned.

It is important to not let religious-driven emotions cloud our judgment when it comes to contentious issues such as this. Otherwise, we will not be able to have discussions in a mature and civil manner.


*This article was written by Hairol Salim and first appeared on Voices, Today, on 13 May 2015.

Source: http://www.todayonline.com/

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