Not Just About Munah And Hirzi – Look At The Invisble Hands Behind Pink Dot


I just to share with you further on how insidious Pink Dot is.

Pink Dot does not just choose their ambassasors. These individuals hope to get something back for themselves either for their careers or their publicity. Pat Mok earned herself a lot of hate within the gay community when she drunkenly accused a GAY PERSON of molesting her at a GAY bar, Daren Lee is desperate to get fans because who has really heard of him and of course the 2 Youtubers will do anything to get more fans. Hirzi can pretend all he wants but at the end of the day he is just another gay boy desperate for attention and get laid.

But who is behind all this?

The connections the organizers have are very enticing for those who want the limelight. Boo Junfeng one of our so called critically acclaimed local directors in charge of the sappy Pink Dot videos every year and in charge of taking the video for the dot formation at night. Alan Seah who works in Mediacorp as a senior VP of creative services and is one of the main organizers. How about Izzie Ali who leads their PR team and loves embarrassing Singapore every to the international media (he also works in Fulford PR the agency that represented Anton Casey) and also the son of President Tony Tan’s Head of Media and Communications Saleh bin Ali?

The ambassadors are just a convenient decoy for the real people moving behind the scenes.

Do not be duped.



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