Mohammed Jufrie Mahmood: Foreigner Employed By LTA Overzelaous On Enforcing Laws And Shows No Compassion

This conceited looking officer employed by the LTA must be worth his weight in gold, making tons of money for his employer.

Though he does not admit that he is a foreigner (Malaysian) like most of his colleagues on motorbikes, his attitude betrays his nationality.He neither has any compassion, nor consideration for Singapore road users who may have parked their vehicles, albeit illegally, only for short while. Just take a good look at his arrogant face.

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He goes pouncing around akin to raids normally conducted by CNB officers when he goes to his favourite hunting grounds snapping away with his mobile phone camera and skoots off. No grace whatsoever is given. He does not entertain any explanation or pleadings. LTA must be very pleased with his performance.

The lorry below was issued a parking summons for causing obstruction though it was delivering goods and parked within a private property. The overzealous SOB just hantam only. Even cars parked with their drivers in the vehicles are not spared. 

Saman 1

Sadly this is the kind of fereigner the PAP loves so much, causing added misery to the long suffering Singaporean motorists.

Keep it up PAP, we motorists will not easily forget. We will hit you hard with a vengence not too long from now!


Source: Mohamed Jufrie Bin Mahmood

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