Amos Yee – A Response To Francis Micah Law

So Vincent’s son, Francis Micah Law, wrote a Facebook post, trying to validate the emotional abuse that his father had caused me:

Most of the post is blatant pandering to his father, constant repetition of how what Vincent was doing was borne from kind-hearted intentions, most of which I have refuted extensively in my previous blog post, coupled with little ramblings of how he tried to attain his inner chee, attempting to give the impression that he’s a deep thinker, without actually being one.

I’ll respond to some selected sections of the post.

Amos claimed that nobody but himself knew what was going on? Well, now there’s me.

No, you never knew what was going on. We had one conversation at your home, and the one-sided reasons your father gave to you on why he so kind-heartedly bailed me, and you claim that you knew exactly what he did to me?

You knew that he intimidated me? You knew that he threatened to discharge himself 9 times? You knew I was completely miserable when I had to meet him every day?

Wow… I see we have a psychic in the family.

In many ways, my dad treated Amos almost like a son

Wow, so like me, you experienced emotional abuse every day? Damn… you gotta speak up man.

My dad did it because he saw a brilliant boy who needed a second chance. He didn’t care for the publicity, he wasn’t “jealous” that Amos was getting all the attention. All he wanted was to help Amos out of his predicament

It’s so arrogant, that whenever you disagree with someone’s views, or their approach in doing things, you imply that they have some sort of problem that needs to be fixed, and they are in a ‘predicament’.

So your father went in bailing me with such condescension, wanting to be the dominant one that gave advice. I can see why your father is now acting particularly insecure, now that he’s the one that is submissive.

Part of my father’s conditions as a bailor was to keep in contact with Amos every 24 hours

And yet Vincent told me initially, that he only intended to meet me once a week. Hmmm.. so suspicious.

which, I must add, Amos wasn’t very compliant to.

Yeah, no fucking shit I was not compliant, you do not need to ‘add’ anything. I’m sure that if you are absolutely miserable and experiencing emotional turmoil every day, you wouldn’t be considered ‘compliant’, now wouldn’t you?

‘There was once Amos came over to my place, he stared long and hard at a luggage tag in the shape of those green aliens from Toy Story 2. Convinced that Amos really liked it, my dad would look through every shop he passed by that might sell the luggage tag’

I have not seen a luggage tag at Vincent’s house, I have absolutely no recollection of a luggage tag at his house, I am absolutely confused and shocked that there is a story about me seeing a luggage tag at his house. This is an absolute lie.

I still remember his first words to me after we introduced ourselves to each other.

“Hey Francis, your father is a great man. He bailed me out of jail!” With a wide grin on his face.

Ahh.. you were seeing the manipulation at work.

After-which we all sat down and had a chat about his plans for the future as well as our personal thoughts on education and film. I would say we all had a pretty good time. In that space, we all respected each other’s opinions which I was something I really appreciated.

Ok this has absolutely nothing to do with Vincent, but it’s getting kind of distracting so I have to mention, please proofread your post. Like a few times before posting. Because it’s very clear that you didn’t.

‘wanted to fulfil is role as a bailor’, ‘which I was something I really appreciated’?

I know there’s like a 40-minute time limit whenever you have to write an English composition, and you never have time to proofread your writing. But this is an internet post, you have all the time in the world.

I see comments on your post and one of them was ‘brilliantly written’, what the fuck are they talking about? Can the prose be any blander? Does this phrase sound grammatically correct to you?

‘look through every shop he passed by’

I mean I know I’m guilty of making spelling and grammar mistakes all the time, but regardless, I’m interested in how one can ‘look through’ a shop. Is the entire shop made of glass?

You can tell why we are behind in the arts scene when people considers this ‘brilliant writing’.

And no I didn’t, I completely disrespected your opinions, they were absolutely horrible.

You were taking this thing called ‘Mass Commmunication’ in polytechnic where there was some kind of film course included.

And I argued that especially with the availability of the internet, film schools are an absolutely inefficient and awful way to study filmmaking. If you did it by yourself, you are not constrained by a syllabus and can learn the techniques of filmmaking, from the movies that not your film professor, but you like, and make your independent film whenever you want. And people from Rodriguez, to Linklater to Paul Thomas Anderson, have already proven that.

But then you were like ‘No! No! There are so many things that you can only learn in school, that you can’t learn anywhere else.’

And yet you were never able to identify one.

And concerning the fact that several film students have complained about how they were absolutely bored when they had to study the films their film professors put in the curriculum (Citizen Kane, Casablanca. God damn.. I wanna see some pulp fiction dude)

You replied with one of the stupidest things that I’ve ever heard in my life:

‘Most of the time, you can’t learn things that you like, that’s part of learning’

Ladies and gentleman, that’s basically the mindset that school teachers hold when they try to validate their horrid job, not feeling any remorse that they are spending 8 hours a day teaching material to kids that don’t give a solitary fuck.

And when people come up to me and ask, ’Amos! How do you know so much stuff?’

Well, not wasting my time on shit that I’m not interested in, and learning things because I want to instead of scoring well for an exam, kind of helps.

And that is why, despite several people’s claims that I will have a much brighter future if I went back to study, and their enticements of students visas overseas, I will not accept it, because I am not going back to school.

Just before he left (and stared at the luggage tag),

What fucking luggage tag?

he turned around and said, “You know Vincent, I wasn’t so sure about this before, but this was quite nice. We should do this again sometime.”

Wow I was really good wasn’t I?

let me quote two passages in the Bible that explains my reaction to his allegations.

Matthew 5:44 “But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you”

Mark 12:31 “The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

But your dad instead decided to uphold these other 2 passages:

Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him. -Luke 12:5

Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written … him only shalt thou serve. – Matthew 4:10

As a Christian myself, I believe that responding in love instead of hatred would not only be a more peaceful solution, but a more constructive one as well.

So if Vincent rapes me, I should respond with love?

I could take legal action against him,

Go ahead

get him and the media to apologise

No you can’t.

or I could just forgive him and find an alternative solution to protecting my father’s reputation.

Your father emotionally abused a child, I don’t know how much ‘protecting’ you can offer.

my father’s choice in bailing Amos out was not a mistake.

Tell that to Jolovan.

I firmly believe that he was right to offer Amos a second chance and I fully support my father in this matter.

You fully support your father emotionally abusing a 17-year-old boy. Wow… like father like son eh?

If anyone has any questions regarding what I said above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Oh hi I have a question, what the fuck is wrong with you?!

So it seems that in a stunning display of nepotism, Francis has so boldly came out of the shadows, validating his father’s actions and advocating child pedophilia as a method of showing ‘care and concern’, I am so fucking fearful for Francis’ future kids.

And I would also like to point out the fact that Francis did not even mention the evidence that really proved that his father was a dick.

He didn’t mention the frequent threats his father made to discharge himself, he didn’t mention still pushing himself in my line of vision at court, even when I and many people had made it clear that I never wanted to see him again. He didn’t mention his father advocating freedom of speech and the release of me and then afterwards threatening to sue me for defamation.

You know because I want to portray my dad as the victim of the situation, so don’t mention all that stuff and hopefully nobody will noticed. Well I noticed. Ah hah, I got you there Francis, you might be able to fool everyone, but you can’t fool me.

So I’m sure Francis has read my blog post concerning his father’s molestation. So that means that in Francis’ view, threats, intimidations and emotional abuse are now considered ‘counselling techniques’ and an expression of ‘love’ and ‘care’.

And unfortunately Francis isn’t the only who thinks that way, because looking at the comments on the ‘My Abusive Father’ blog post, my father hitting my head on the ground, almost killing me, that is validated as the actions of a parent, done simply because he ‘cares’ for me. They coin that method as the ‘chinese way’.

So we live in a society, where emotional and physical abuse, is a form of showing one’s care and concern. Wow…. For me and everyone out there, I am terrified.. I am really fucking terrified….



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