Amos Yee: A Dig At TOC – Media Free Of Manipulation Required

Now I also feel compelled to judge the journalistic integrity of my friends at TOC.

This happened before I wrote that lengthy blog post revealing how I was victimized by Vincent’s sodomizing hands.

In lieu of my Facebook post, which they quoted in their own article, I did not apologize to Vincent, I just said I was going to.

But yet, TheOnlineCitizen so boldly put as a headline, ‘Amos Yee apologises for molest allegation against former bailor’

It’s a small difference, but significant nonetheless. A blatant claim that I had already apologized, seems much more convincing than he is about to apologize soon, now doesn’t it?

So you add that little pepper that thestraitstimes commonly use to attempt to salvage your actions, and not lose a huge part of your outreach because you spoke up for him.

Because you don’t want people to feel that the boy whom you so boldly put up on a pedestal to advocate freedom of speech, might be a fucking dick for falsely accusing his bailor of molestation for no good reason, and is not especially remorseful for it.

We’re all capable of twisting the truth a little when things don’t go our way now aren’t we? And with the moral quandary of having both Amos and Vincent on your side, Terry (The writer of TOC), got a little bit flustered, which constituted to that little fuck-up.

So let’s all not choose whether or not to criticize someone just because somebody is on your side, but instead choose to criticize them, because they are wrong.

And from there, we can perhaps more effectively create a political climate and a media, that is honest, and isn’t constantly rife with manipulation.


Source: Amos Yee

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