Amos Yee: Singapore Government Sucks But Opposition Also Manipulative

My mother, upon reading what Vincent had done to me, was absolutely horrified and disturbed, contacted Terry Xu of TheOnlineCitizen, to confirm that the moments I had mentioned concerning her in lieu of the Vincent story, was true, and to perhaps express it to the general public.

However, as of now, Terry has yet to reply to my mother, even though he had been prompt in replying to her before, and voluntarily offering to write an article, explaining and showing the true nature of my mother’s police report.

And Roy Ngerng who initially condemned me for my actions towards making molest allegations to Vincent. Now chooses to remain absolutely silent about the affair, after I had revealed the emotional abuse Vincent had inflicted on me.

I asked him if he could assist in helping me confirm that the altercation he witnessed between Vincent and I, when we went to Public Enemy was true. But he refused to do so, still claiming that it’s to protect Vincent from any further harm.

So Roy Ngerng thinks that hiding the truth, is advantageous for Vincent. Ahh… I see now why they are very good friends.

But I think really, the true reason why Terry and Roy have refrained from talking about all of this, is simply because people just don’t like to admit that they have changed their opinions once further evidence have surfaced, because that might indicate that when they made their initial hasty judgement, they were wrong.

And this is the reason, why PAP is able to rule the country for so long.

The government in Singapore really fucking sucks, but then again, the opposition are manipulative too.


Source: Amos Yee

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