Roy Ngerng: Don’t Let The PAP Change The Law On Lee Kuan Yew’s Image Rights To Protect Their Own Interests

Now is the time to make fun of Lee Kuan Yew before they make it illegal. For goodness sake, he is not my founding father.

“We’ve built a nation with our hands, the toil of people from a dozen lands” – this was what the National Day Song in 1990, One People, One Nation, One Singapore, started with.

So before we go all crazy over one man, let’s not forget that it is the hard work of each and every Singaporean that made Singapore happen. And unless we are going to protect each and every Singaporean, there is no need to change the law to protect one single individual, especially not a dead one.

Do you know what this means? This means that in future, if anyone wants to write a book or make a movie to talk about Lee Kuan Yew and the atrocities that he had done, they wouldn’t be able to do so and the PAP can criminalise them if the PAP wants. This law would allow the PAP to whitewash the truth about what Lee Kuan Yew did.

Don’t let the PAP pass or change the law to cover their own ass.

If the PAP so believe in self-reliance, then let’s stop relying on the over-glorification of one man and please start running the country.

There are more important things to do, like reducing poverty and income inequality, and increasing wages for Singaporeans, rather than spend meaningless time evangelising over one man. It’s mortifying.

The man is dead. Dead. For crying out loud.


Source: Roy Ngerng Yi Ling

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