SDA Makes House Visits At Elias Road

SDA House Visit on 16 May 2015 at Elias Road

The SDA outreach walkabout for this morning was anchored by Mr. Desmond Lim himself, conducted at Block 610 Elias Road. The session kick-started at 10.00am sharp.

As per standard protocol, the members and shadow town councillors started from level 18 and slowly made their way down, interacting with all the residents staying in this block.

It was another fruitful session today; many residents were at home this morning to the members’ pleasant surprise, allowing them to have quality interaction and communication.

Leaflets were being distributed and discussed as the members explained its contents to the dwellers in this block. There were questions being asked by the residents, who were curious to know what SDA’s next step would be.

After engaging the residents in further conversation, the general consensus was that many of them harboured concerns over companies (and now even governmental organisations) employing foreign talents with fake degrees.

“Let’s not talk about fake degrees alone,” quipped one *Mr. Wong (name changed to protect privacy). “I feel strongly that it doesn’t matter whether the foreign applicant has an excellent or mediocre degree – priority for a job should be given to Singaporeans first!”

Another young resident, one *Mr. Abdul (name changed to protect privacy) brought up another very good point. “I feel that many Singaporeans seem to confuse ‘foreign talents’ with ‘foreign workers’ – they constantly mention that we need ‘foreign talents’ to sweep floors and work in construction sites!” He laughed in irony. “Is it the picture being painted, that blurs the true meaning between a ‘worker’ and a ‘talent’?

There were a couple of residents who feedback that the amenities in this area were inadequate, such as eateries. *Mdm Teng (name changed to protect privacy) expressed concern that the plans to build MRT station at Elias area would only be completed in around 2030. “I don’t even know if I would live to be able to see it by then.”

A *Mrs. Ratna expressed concern that there is limitation to what one dares to voice out in Singapore. She pointed out that she has her thoughts and views, but is afraid to address them for fear that they may be deemed unsuitable and she might get into trouble with the Law.

Other than that, the residents agreed that opposition parties are needed in parliament to keep the ruling parties in check. The opposition parties should also introduce new policies and strategies for the citizens – policies that are outside the scope of what is currently being implemented.

It was yet another meaningful session today, refreshing the residents on SDA’s ever-present concern for them, as well as gaining understanding on what the people need. The graceful residents thanked the members for taking time to do these house visits and listen to them, become their voices. SDA in turn appreciate the candid feedback from the people.


Source: Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Singapura – PKMS

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