Volunteer For The Feed The Poor Campaign

♥ This a private initiative by a group of Volunteers to reach out to the poor in the communities.

Register for a Grocery Pack : http://bit.ly/1CSDI7b

The Prophet Muhammad (s) said:

“Do not turn away a poor man, even if all you can give is half a date. If you love the poor and bring them near you…God will bring you near Him on the Day of Resurrection.” ~ Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 1376

Eventually this initiative will expand to other areas. May Allah Facilitates this Effort.

Disclaimer :

We are not associated with any organization (profit or non profit) or government agency. This is a private initiative.

All contributions / sponsors made will have our own internal accounts by our volunteers.

Any contributions/sponsors is purely out of your own initiative and we do not gives out any receipts or acknowledgement as such.

To participate in our activities please feel free to PM us for details.

To volunteer please fill up this link : http://bit.ly/16aBdA0

Private Sponsorships/Contributions is highly appreciated.

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270:500 (as of 8.30am on 25th May 2015)

‘One is never to young or too old to be involved in charity! ~ aydanomous

Alhamdulilah we have surpass half of our target during the weekends.

None of thisnis possible without any of your help in contributing n sharing ofnour cause.

Some say there is no poor in sg and we hv to go to focus out of sg to help… we say there is if you look hard enuff..

Some say the plight of our poor sg is a 100times better than the syrians, palestinians, rohingyas..we say true! The exact same reason the whole world focus on them..so we channel our focus on the ones the whole world didnt.

There is never a right or wrong answer.. there is only prespective.

We are in need of another 230packets to reach our targets..

Will you help us? To help them?

We hope you will

Much love to our contributors and volunteers n recepients. One cannot exist without the other!





Source: Feed The Poor Campaign

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