51 Year Old Kidney Patient Looking For A Flexible Office Job

Thousands of Singaporeans go to the hundreds of dialysis centres every day spread all over the island due to kidney failure.

They do it thrice a week religiously forever or alternately they receive a kidney from a donor of which they need to pay $200,000 for a hospital transplant ops.

We visited 51-year-old Indera who faces kidney failure recently and he has just started his dialysis two months back.

He is undergoing his dialysis when we visited him.

He is extremely positive and could even passed as a spokesman for kidney failure patients.

He pays $200 per session at a private dialysis centre due to his $4000/month income as a cheuffeur cum asst working for a Korean company.

NKF dialysis is alot cheaper but there is a salary cap.

Unfortunately he lost his job recently and has to make do with his PR wife pay of $1700 as a F & B captain.

They have a 1 1/2 year baby.

To complicate matters, while waiting for his BTO flat they have to rent a 3-room flat paying $2300 a month.

Mr Adnan is looking for a job in the office and if you are open to hiring a guy on dialysis please let us know.

No one should be left behind.

Editor’s note: visit was done together with Ms Janna Rehanna.


Source: Gilbert Goh

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