Zulfikar Shariff: Jangan Bandingkan Lee kuan Yew Dengan Nabi Muhammad

I received a message from a Tipah who is trying hard to promote LKY. According to this Tipah (who claims to study at UIA)

“i done my homework…and sy dapati beberapa perkataan LKY yg sama dgn cara Nabi awak….yg paling ketara ketika Nabi masuki Madinah Baginda menukarkan sistem ekonomi Madinah dari pertanian dan penternakkan kpd perniagaan…tidakkah itu ucapan LKY di city hall tahun 1965??”

Dah kena tipu gila.

LKY pun tukar sistem ekonomi Singapura dari pertanian/ penternakan ke perniagaan juga?

Wahai Tipah. Singapura sejak zaman nenek moyang memang pusat perniagaan.

Singapura’s location and harbour made it an ideal centre for sea trade.

And when the British came, they did not develop an agriculture based economy. They focused on trade.

There were gambier and pepper plantations prior to British colonization and there were attempts to promote a rubber industry but none of these industries stood close to the entrepĂ´t trade that Singapore conducted.

The British developed the trade system that is still applied in Singapura today. Not LKY.

Will you now claim the British colonization of Singapura is based on Islam?

These Tipah keep insulting Rasulullah by saying a man who is known for his zalim model his governance after Rasulullah.

Sayang LKY sangat sampai boleh hina Rasulullah?


Source: Zulfikar Shariff

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