Man Shot Dead And Two Others Detained Near Shangri-La Hotel

A man was shot dead and two others were detained in an incident near the Shangri-La hotel at 4.36 am on Sunday, police said.

The trio was earlier stopped at a police vehicular checkpoint set up along Ardmore Park, police said in a Facebook post.

UPDATE TO INCIDENT ALONG ORANGE GROVE ROADPolice confirm that one man was shot dead and two others were detained in an…

Posted by Singapore Police Force onSaturday, 30 May 2015

When asked to open the car boot for checks, the driver suddenly accelerated the vehicle towards Anderson Road. Despite warnings to stop, the driver continued to crash through police barricades, endangering the lives of the officers, said police.

Police opened fire at the vehicle to stop further danger. The vehicle subsequently stopped at the junction of Orange Grove Road and Anderson Road.

Substances believed to be drugs were found on one of the persons detained.

Police said they are in control of the situation.

Orange Grove Road, Anderson Road and Ardmore Park are temporarily closed to facilitate police operations. Members of public are advised to stay away from the area.

Due to the ongoing Shangri-La Dialogue, security measures including vehicle and person check points have been put in place in the vicinity of the Shangri-La hotel.



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