PAP MP Edwin Tong Raised His Voice At Volunteers For Being Slow To Serve Him

Dear Editors,

I was working at the SG vs Phillipines game last night at Jalan Besar Stadium. As usual the crowd will queue up to enter the stadium once the gates opens.

As this is the first match played at JBS, there was a queue forming at the security check point.

Most of you probably do not know that all our MPs and their spouses are given access to all games venues and they are allowed to enter the venues even if the tickets are sold out.

So Mr Edwin Tong of Moulmein-Kallang GRC turned up at my queue and he was clearly unhappy that he being a “VIP” was being made to wait in the queue. So he started raising his voice at me as well as those student volunteers doing the ticket scanning. His complaints were “no proper signage around the stadium”, “made me wait so long”, “how you all organize the games”.

I am clearly disappointed that he being a MP, could not even stand in line and queue with the ordinary citizens who voted him into the parliament.

After he left, the student volunteers asked me who is that fellow. I told them he is an MP and they were shocked. They asked me how come our MP is so uncivilized. My reply to them is our dear Mr Tong is only human. Maybe he had a busy day yesterday and lost his cool. But I am still very disappointed with his behaviour. This is totally uncalled for.

Shawn Quek


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