Racial Integration??? See Local Complain About Noise Coming From Mosque

Salam Admin,

Yesterday my friend ada share with me this thread in harwarezone forum.  This person called kingtiger2014 start the thread “WHAT THE FARK IS WRONG WITH THE MOSQUE??”

The person complain and complain say the mosque near his house is very noisy.  Said keep chanting non-stop and that he going to report police.

kingtiger2014 Mosque Complaint 1

Worse, dier very arrogant.  Ada orang reply cakap he will be reported for sedition, this joker can say it is better like dat because then he can complain to the police about the noise…Dier punya anggek tak bleh angkat.

kingtiger2014 Mosque Complaint 4

Orang talk about racial harmony, tolerance and integration…semalam Obama pun pakai ni country racial integration.

Semua wayang ah tu…You look at this. Apa tolerance ada? Racial harmony apa? This babi cakap it is his right to voice out his unhappiness…what integration you tell me?

kingtiger2014 Mosque Complaint 5

What is wrong with the prayer calls? What chanting?

Ni binatang living in his own bubble tak nak ambil tahu tak nak belajar…dia tahu complain complain complain.

Haritu makcik Melayu kena complaint sebab of cooking ni masjid punya turn pulak!

Mana government? Suruh orang tolerant, give and take…apa Melayu always giving pe?

Do something about this!

Hang Marah

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