Four Must-Know Smoking Poses For Your Every Trip To The Smoking Corner

1) The cross arm, look far pose

This is the look you want if you wanna act like you’re thinking about something deep at the smoking corner. Even better if you’ve a pair of shades, put it on and look far macam you thinking how to grow Singapore’s GDP by 5% this year, but actually you thinking what to eat for lunch.

2) The hand on your waist pose

This pose is especially useful when you’re smoking with your colleagues/bosses because putting a hand on your waist shows that you’re tired, which indirectly signals that you’ve been working hard in office. Good when promotion is round the corner.

3) Cross arm, look cool pose

This pose is especially useful if you’ve a wall behind you, so just lean back, cross your arm, straighten out your smoking hand, and look cool. Doesn’t matter if you actually bring your hand up to take a puff, the main point is to just look cool only.

4) I just wanna smoke, not talk pose

You know how some people like to strike up a conversation with you when you’re smoking? This is the perfect pose, with a phone in hand to signal that NO, mouth not available for talking, only for smoking/taking a puff.



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