Lamenting The Loss Of Singapore In The Good Old Days

Aunty Debbie’s Lamentation

Just 10 years back….

1. MRT was fine , public transport was affordable. Today, every breakdown means another increase in transport fare, and it is always the people’s fault.

2. Car was not cheap but hey, people weren’t complaining as much. Today, having a car in Singapore is like buying a house in other country.

3. HDB flats were expensive but we knew we could still breathe. Today, you need to be a millionaire to buy a decent size flat and yet, they break down even before you could move in.

4. CPF Minimum sum was there, but we saw it was ok and we could still deal with it. Today , the untouchable sum is close to a quarter million and still increasing, and the people are not allowed to withdraw full lump sum even when they have reached 65 years old.

5. Medical fees were expensive but we could still manage. Today, if you cannot afford to pay with cash, (even though you have more then enough in Medisave to pay and you are not allowed to use) the nationally restructured hospitals will send the debt collecting company to come after you. And guess what? You were warded in the hospital’s corridors.

6. Inflation was climbing but people could still afford to have 3 decent meals. Today, we have old folks working as cleaners and selling tissues by the roadsides. A plate of economy rice is at least $4. It’s $8 for the occasional nasi bryani. With a salary of $1k per month, after deduction of 20% CPF, how many meals can you eat per day?

7. We were unhappy with the ruling party but we thought they did ok. Today, people have gotten so angry that even a nobody like Roy could gather over a $100k just to fight the PM. And now they sue whoever dare speak against them… tweaking the law even if you are an underage teenager.

8. We still had kampong spirits around our HDB flats even though most of us don’t see the sun when we knock off. CNY I will give ang pows to my Malay neighbours, and Hari Raya they will bring over goodies for my family to share their joy. Sadly today, we have all sorts of people staying in our heartland areas who couldn’t even stand the smell of curry but peeing and shitting in all public places, calling the locals all sorts of derogatory names, disrespect for our religions, and some even resort to violence towards the locals when they are told off like those picking fights with our senior folks who burn joss sticks.

9. When Michael Fay vandalised Singapore, he wasn’t given special treatment even though the president of US appealed on his behalf. I was so proud of my govt then. But, today, our PM has 2 sets of laws; one for the locals and another for the foreigners. The funny part is, the law is harsher on the locals then the foreigners. You should be able to see it now… just look at Amos Yee and Ello Ello…. sigh!

10. Our police force was kind and HUMANE then. When there is domestic violence happening in a family, the MATA would talk to the husband, help the wife, putting himself in the family’s shoes as if he is one of the family members. Today, the MATAs : I AM SORRY MDM/SIR , but we cannot help you on this matter, you must get a lawyer… blah blah blah…

11. We had our homegrown sportsmen to compete for Singapore and we cheered when they qualified for the finals events; no medals, doesn’t matter. Today, we have people bought from overseas to compete for Singapore and I don’t know where to hide my shame when they announced Singapore got gold…

12. Going to JB to shop and a short getaway was what most Singaporeans who cannot afford an European trip did. Today, going into JB will burn a hole in your wallet first before you even get to touch the ground of JB…

13. Old folks were able to retire and chill at the void deck, some play mahjong, some did line dancing, some sang karaoke. Today, old folks are seen working as cleaners, Macdonalds and scavenging for cardboards and drink cans.

14. Doctors were made in Singapore, understands our dialects and are compassionate toward patients. Today, doctors in national hospitals are mostly foreigners who misdiagnose because of language differences. Waiting to get diagnosed are long and painful waiting affairs.

15. We were used to be told to study hard for a brighter future, but today, a degree from a degree mill can buy you a brighter future than the one you studied your ass off.

Things have fallen apart in a flash of 10 years. I cannot believe nor trust the empty promises of the current ruling party anymore. The PAP are giving excuses after excuses when things go wrong. They are the only group of Singaporeans who do not need to account for anything.

I used to be proud of you PAP, but now…..
H*ng K*n lah _i_ !!

Aunty Debbie



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