PRC Contractor Recommended By Town Council Tried To Overcharge My Mother

My toilet is under hdb upgrading at teban gardens, so the town council called up my mum cos they need to realign a pipe in the kitchen leading into the toilet.

They recommend this PRC contractor to take down the cabinet.

The task includes some unscrewing and one man job.

1st day he came and spent about half an hour taking it down. on the last day he came n put back, after that the PRC man ask my parents for $400.

WTF. $400 to take down and put back after the pipe is done. is this serious overcharging or cheating? no new materials was used or any hacking was done.

just take down and put back cost $400? better i buy a fking new one?

Call the PRC main company they didn’t bother about me. the cb thing is he said he do for many households in the block for around the same price

Tomorrow i intend to call the town council office see what they say. they should go to every household n ask how much that PRC is overcharging those old folks like my parents

edit: forgot to add .he offered to cover up those exposed white pipe in the kitchen and also in the toilet for $3000+


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