Self-Serving PAP Will Never Serve Singaporeans

Dear Singaporeans who still have blind faith in PAP,

Please do yourselves and our country a favour by scrutinising PAP’s policies, especially after current MP Goh Chok Tong became PM in 1990.

If you have still not realised PAP has been self serving and using shortcuts to achieve miraculous economic ‘growth’, it’s about time you wake up to reality. You should also be extremely concerned about PAP concealing information for 5 decades. As responsible citizens, it is our right and responsibility to criticise, question and demand answers from the government. If not, the government will continue to make silly and utterly stupid statements. Their thinking impacts our lives.

Goh’s analogy of the (PAP) government as our parents and citizens as children comes to mind with Goh brazenly claiming citizens “freely criticise it (PAP) for the slightest mistakes…”. ** The absurdity of Goh’s analogy has been confirmed by the FB commentshere. Goh, aka Lau Goh, must have been in dreamland when he claims PAP has been criticised for the slightest mistakes. Questions which should have been directed at Lau Goh:

– Poor planning resulting in a housing bubble where PAP has still not been able to bring prices down to earth after 8 rounds of cooling measures since 2009, is this one of the “slightest mistakes”?

– Overcrowded public transportation (even on weekends), providing foreigners hundreds of million$ in annual tuition grants while giving peanuts to locals, public hospitals’ ‘innovative’ tent and corridor wards, skyrocketing cost of living, etc, are these considered “slightest mistakes”?

If these questions are posed to Tin Pei Ling, Lau Goh’s GRC teammate, she wouldn’t know what to say. Neither would you nor other PAP supporters. If epic failures are considered “slightest mistakes”, what would be a grave mistake to Lau Goh? Do you want to wait till our country is doomed?

Using the same Lau Goh’s analogy for our CPF retirement funds, don’t you find it strange that your parents (PAP) wants to retain your (children) retirement funds despite CPF members being of grandparent age? If your real parents insist on doing so, it is pretty certain such a relationship lacks trust, especially after your parents have hidden relevant information from you for decades. Hmm… how come Lau Goh is surprised by the increasing distrust of PAP?

Would caring parents see their children (you) struggle with raising their (PAP’s) grandchildren but still insist on locking up your retirement funds in a where-is-my-money account? If PAP were our parents, they must have been terribly cruel to think nothing of their children’s suffering.

When you really reflect on what our jiak liao bee politicians say, instead of blindly accepting every word, you will know a lot of it is rubbish. Including the above analogy. :(

By further scrutinising PAP policies, you will also realise it has taken our country in the wrong direction and that we have been going downhill for more then 2 decades. But instead of fixing flawed policies, PAP prefers to engage in propaganda to focus our attention on its achievements during the 70’s and 80’s, ie LKY’s overrated ‘indispensible’ leadership.

PAP is so adept at using the mainstream media to mask its failures but if you give this the slightest thought, you would know that PAP has not resolved any chronic issue. Yes, NONE! What we have are only promises that there will be solutions at a future date.

An obvious instance would be the construction of 204,000 residential units by 2016 which may satisfy future demand but does little to address the issue of unaffordable housing prices. All public flats,which must also include resale HDB flats, are still unaffordable to ordinary citizens.

When Lau Goh became PM in November 1990, the Resale Price Index of HDB flats was about 25 (not shown in chart below). In 6 short years, our asset enhancement policy caused prices to quadrupled with the RPI hitting 99 and its currently more than 5 times at 135.6 in Q1 2015. PAP had also used high prices (high GDP) to justify stratospheric ministerial salaries. Was PAP serving Singaporeans?

Image source
For 25 years, Singapore has been going downhill because PAP knows nothing about REAL economic growth except by growing the population. This shortcut continued well into 2010 when someone finally admitted “We’ve grown in the last five years by just importing labour”. That person was none other than Lee Kuan Yew.

From 1990 to 2010, our population had increased by about 2 million, with foreigners forming about 70% of the annual increase of 100,000. PAP is definitely aware of its pseudo-growth model and that’s the reason for bulldozing the PWP through parliament.

Till today, PM Lee still does not know how to grow the economy except by growing the foreigner population at citizens’ expense. Five years after “We’ve grown … by just importing labour”, PM Lee doesn’t seem to have understood the significance of what his father had said. PAP still prioritises it interests over the well being of citizens.

For years, citizens have been told by PAP that if costs are too high, foreign businesses will not invest in Singapore or pack up and go somewhere else. But PAP makes no mention of the real killer which is high rental. Many businesses, including retail, have folded due to significantly high rental cost. Even hawkers cannot survive and have been replaced by foreigners. By not reducing the price of land and rental and continuously depressing wages, who is PAP serving?

Fearing the loss of power in the next GE, PAP has belatedly made a U-turn maintain a tight foreign worker policy as opposed to 2 decades of red carpet treatment for foreigners. It appears our new MOM Minister Lim S S does not believe in previous PAP’s doomsday BS. But one has to be wary of PAP’s immigration policy flip flop; the devil in in the details.

PAP has never been our servant and never will. Lee Kuan Yew has already made it abundantly clear – PAP does whatever it thinks is right, never mind what the people think.

As a fellow Singaporean, I would advise you to scrutinise government policies instead of being repeatedly taken in by PAP’s propaganda. For our children’s sake and for our country, it’s time we realise the truth – a self-serving PAP can never serve Singaporeans.

Phillip Ang

** “While they (Singaporeans) do not criticise their parents’ imperfections, when it comes to the Government, they see only warts… and freely criticise it for its slightest mistakes or when we disagree with it.”  – Source: Askmelah


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