Is PAP Still Relevant Today?

Dear Editors,

Last time PAP members fought for Singaporeans’ rights. Dr. Tan Cheng Bock push for us to be able to use our CPF to fund higher education because it was good investment for the future. It was small things like that which cause us to improve our lives. Let’s think about it really.

At that time, parents won’t be financially strained from university fees and the result of having a better educated workforce also helped boost Singapore’s knowledge-based transformation in that era. People are thankful and voted for Dr. Tan for 5 terms with average 77%. Now people are angry!
Today, PAP has changed and now spend more than $240 million a year of taxpayer’s money on scholarships and tuition grants to foreign student. Locals have to suffer from the opportunity costs of a 2-year NS and they are burdened with loans long after graduation.

Look at all these millionaire ministers who don’t even talk sense because they are too disconnected with the ground thanks to their million dollar salaries. How will they add value to the policy making processes as compared to those people in parliament in the 1980s who are so much more hands on?

Some netizen said that opposition movement was censored by PAP and LKY so badly that no one had the balls to act as a check on their “20/20” lack of foresight. Even as PAP try to make changes after GE2011, BTO is still not affordable and country still have infrastructural strain like crowded MRT.

PAP government and their supporters have also start to act arrogant and self-entitled. They have spoken on high grounds and as can be seen in their “words of wisdom” like Tin Pei Ling and Koh Poh Koon. If you are paying top dollar for such quality of people then it really becomes a cruel joke!

Nicholas-Seth Leong who himself is no big deal degrade MRT commuters as “common people” and “peasants” just because he had to take the MRT. Later he was so embarrassed that he had to deactivate his FB after people found out that he drove and old Honda Civic anyway.

It’s like choosing to work for a company which not only the bosses are incompetent, damn show off but also push all the work and blame to you, talk down on you all the time and then when things go well they enjoy the rewards themselves, receive high bonus while they don’t care about you at all!

Why do we need such people? If PAP cannot improve our lives then maybe time to vote them out.

A.S.S. Contributor


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