Woman Arrested After Stand-Off At Tampines Giant Hypermarket

A woman created a ruckus by climbing onto the checkout counter at Tampines Giant Hypermarket on Monday, sparking an hour’s stand-off before she was arrested.

Businessman Dennis Tay, 53, who was shopping there with his wife, said:  “She was screaming and calling for help and said that someone wanted to kill her. She also shouted for someone to call the police.”

The woman, who looked to be in her late 20s, stood on the counter for almost an hour shouting and screaming. Her actions attracted a crowd of more than 20 curious onlookers.

A 22-year-old salesgirl who gave her name only as Miss Koh said: “Her friend had chased her from inside (the supermarket) and shouted for someone to stop her from running away. I think a customer tried to stop the woman and that’s when she climbed up on the counter.”

This reporter saw the woman drinking from a green tea bottle as she stood on the counter. Between bouts of screaming, she seemed calm and busied herself with her mobile phone. But she became agitated when anyone approached her.

According to Mr Tay and other witnesses, the woman spat her drink at security guards who had tried to coax her off the counter.

About seven of her colleagues from semiconductor manufacturer GlobalFoundries arrived almost 30 minutes into the stand-off and said they were concerned for her well-being. They said they did not know what had happened earlier and declined to comment further.

The police said they received a call for public assistance at 1.28pm. A 24-year-old woman was later arrested under the Mental Health Act.


Source: www.tnp.sg

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