Beware! Do Not Hire This Filipino Maid Who Stole From Employer

<Complaint by Michelle Yu-Tan>

Dear all, this was my previous helper here in Singapore. Her name is Laurence Angela Lardizabal Soria and might go for the last name Perez. I would just like to make a public note that we had already sent her back home to the Philippines after 3 offenses of lying and stealing from us.

She is from Batangas San Jose. After giving her a chance the first and second time round, the last offence she commited was stealing money from my wallet. Although she already confessed for taking the money when confronted before sending her back, we were surprised that no apologies was even said.

Please be aware of who she really is and if you happen to know someone who would think of hiring her, think again. If you have valuables, it will disappear.

Please do me a favour to share this and spread it out so it may reach everywhere in the world. Who knows, her next destination might be in your country.



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