Damanhuri Abas: Friends Must Learn To Put Friendship Above Political Partisanship

Entering politics has changed my life.

Since i made the decision to join politics and run in the recent elections, relations with individuals and institutions (both govt and non-govt) has changed. Friends suddenly prefers to distance themselves from associating with me as it could mean a potential risk of being misconstrued as supporting opposition.

Instead of having a non-partizan position, they somehow behaves otherwise strangely uncritical of how hypocritical they are, when they accord all the civilities and cordialities when it comes to someone from the persons of the PAP government. Yet, i was somehow accused of politicizing during the hustings eventhough rightly that is what i now do.

A step forward to move democracy forward is these individuals that are my friends taking the bold step to challenge this unhealthy mode of biasness and partizanship towards the incumbant. They can do so simply by remaining normal in their relationship with me and be seen with me in public.

Lets hope this happens.


Source: Damahuri Abas

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