3 Dangerous Assumptions About Being A Singaporean

If you are a Singaporean born and bred in Singapore, you may have been inculcated with “Singapore values” during your growing up that distinguish you from new citizens or basically anyone not brought up in Singapore. These values however have wrongly impressed upon Singaporeans and have caused severe consequences. Here are 3 dangerous assumptions about being a Singaporean:

1. “Singapore is a nanny state, it will take care of me”
This is a dangerous, if not the most dangerous, assumption many Singaporeans fell victim in life. Although the secondary textbooks taught us about sacrificing our freedom and rights for “pragmatic progress”, the Singapore government is anything but a nanny state.Impressionable young students are the first generation of victims believing in the government’s gospel that “every school is a good school”. Going to ITEs and Polytechnics sounds awesome, until you see your pay cheque and the jobs you (don’t) qualify. The truth is that the Singapore government’s population strategy contradicts with the growth of local graduates. Having too many Singaporeans who are well-educated will have them leaving for greener pastures in droves or making “sophisticated” demands like freedom and democracy. It is no coincidence that an articulated person with a critical mind knows how to word his demands and point out that his problems are encircled by the lack of freedom and democracy. The middle aged who once believe that you will never go hungry in Singapore now join the tens of thousands under-employed as taxi drivers, cleaners and security guards. The elderly who once believed in the CPF are now working into their 70s and never get to see their retirement. These Singaporeans are sure well taken care of.

2.“Singapore is an equal society”
Being an unequal society in income gap with a very high GINI coefficients may not be enough to prove equality doesn’t exist in Singapore. Many Singaporeans are one of the densest breed who could tell you Singapore is a very equal society despite facing a wall of inequality. Never mind that new citizens are exempted NS. Never mind that foreigners get equal job opportunities either. Never mind that the government leaders are the most well-paid in the world. Never mind equality but we are still equal, so they say. Some, especially from the majority Chinese race, can tell you there is equality because there is no racism.If you believe in equality, Singapore is going to break your heart.

3. “Singapore is a safe country”
Low crime rate, they say. So why the climate of fear in a “safe” country? There is this saying in Singapore: “there is no gangsters in Singapore because the biggest gangster is PAP”.Singaporeans live in fear of offending the ruling party in this “safe” country. Standing up for what is right will land you in bankruptcy if you are lucky, while the unlucky ones get slapped with Sedition Charge and Internal Security Act facing detention without trial.You can’t do this, you can’t do that, you can’t do a lot of things in this “safe” country. The extensive rules and limitless power of the authority is the noose around their neck. Singaporeans live in fear of becoming an ex-convict in this society which doesn’t offer second chance, with the exception of a famous local restaurant that hires ex-convicts as chefs.

Alex Tan


Source: www.tremeritus.com

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