Leaking Air-Con Unit “Floods” Train Travelling From Sengkang To Outram Park MRT Stations

Stomper Lim was travelling on the North East Line towards Outram Park when he noticed that water was leaking from the roof of the train.

According to him, the leak is a result of the air con unit dripping.

From the video the Stomper sent, the floor of the MRT cabin was filled with water making it look like it was flooded.

In a phone interview with Stomp, he said: “The air-con unit was leaking for a quite a few minutes, all the way until Outram Park.

“All the passengers just walked away from it, I mean there was nothing much that we could do.”

He added that he is unsure as to what had happened after that as he alighted the train.

Earlier this morning, another Stomper sent in a photo of a water strewn all over the floor of a NEL train.

It is unclear as to whether the cause of the watery mess is related to the air-con unit dripping.


Source: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg

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