NSman With Serious Shoulder Injury Aggrieved To Be Unfairly Charged For Failing IPPT

Dear Editors,

I am 2SG Azizul Haikal bin Rahmat, Senior Medic from Kranji camp III – 31CSSB, 3Discom. I write this email in light of my pending SAF264 Charge tomorrow 22 October 2015 for defaulting my IPPT for the IPPT window 30/08/2014 to 29/08/2015.

Back in 2006 while enlisted in Pulau Tekong for BMT, I had injured my left shoulder during FBO SOC where said injury left me with a torn ligament supporting the Acromion and Collarbone. Went to seek medical attention and the MO cited that it was not a serious injury. Trusting the MO, being a medical officer I did not take further action and All throughout the duration have participated in the training despite feeling pain.

In 2007 while participating for training in my vocational unit Medical Response Force(MRF), I had aggravated the shoulder injury and again visited Medical Centre where the MO at Nee Soon camp cited the injury is not a serious case but X-ray was done. Again trusting the MO being a Medical Officer I did not pursue further medical attention at a specialist except the normal GP visits and self-medication through Heat therapy on the injured shoulder.

I have not been able to Pass a single IPPT since.

In 2012 during my ICT Call up, the shoulder injury had worsened and affected myself at work following the days after ICT. With the injury in mind and thinking I should take greater care to be able to carry out my vocational duty, I had opted to defer from any NS liability to pursue further study while saving up on funds to prepare for a shoulder reconstruction surgery. Attempted my IPPT and failing on account of my worsening shoulder injury. Having only attaining a part time job after the completion of my studies, working 2 part time jobs it is impossible for me to attend RT without risking termination from my job within the probation period.

On the days leading up to my summary trial on 09 October 2015 I had been in contact with Gleneagles bone health Specialist to do a primary medical examination for the consideration to proceed with surgery if that is the best course of action but the process is put on hold with the current ICT High Key 12 -23 Oct running.

On the 9th October attending the summary trial I was given a Harsh reprimanding by the S4* I did not manage to note down the Name and ID of the officer. I was also advised to book the current window RT sessions and complete all sessions before 29/08/2016.

My question is, why is it that having serve my duty responsibly and diligently despite my injury i am being penalised for failing IPPT with only the option of paying $400 and more depending on Rank or going to Detention Barrack(DB)?

i have tried to tag this post to PM Lee, Mr Ng Eng Hen and Dr. Maliki Osman but unable to. Please assist to bring forth my issue as i feel it may help those in my similar situation.

Azizul Haikal
A.S.S. Contributor


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