Osman Sulaiman: City Harvest Episode Shows Even ‘Man Of God’ Errs, Community Must Not Be Complacent

Generally, the Malay Muslim community placed their trust on MUIS to have the honesty, integrity and soundness of moral character managing funds and donations from the public.

With the recent convictions of CHC leaders, it showed that even a ‘Man of God’ can err. Therefore, we should not be complacent and relinquish our moral duty just because all is well now.

No system is perfectly safe. Without proper transparency and accountability, things might just go astray. There should exist within an organization, proper system in place to highlight any irregularities or suspicious activities.

Stakeholders should not just care when something goes wrong. It should be done continuously to ensure rot has not been given a chance to fester.

Questioning our religious leaders when we sense something is amiss, is not blasphemy. Although there are proper etiquettes to observe when doing so. It is part of our responsibility as a Muslim to always seek clarification.

Hopefully we can learn some useful lessons from the CHC’s case.


Source: Osman Sulaiman

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