Help Bring Back My Son Who Ran Away To Chinese Girlfriend Even Though We Did Not Have Any Misunderstanding

Dearest FB Friends,

I receive a PM this morning. A plea from a parent who are currently going through difficult moments and are at their wit ends. They seek the kind help of FB friends to locate their son. They have tried means and ways but were unable to do so. I was allowed to share their family photos. It was not easy to share something personal as such with strangers. But parents being parents they would go through hell fire and back for their children. We are all parents and emphatise the anguish of Mr Hassan Ee and his wife. Let’s pray for the safe return of their son.

Son & Family

QUOTE ” Hi Zarina, need your help (post on your wall) to search for my beloved Son. His name is Mohamad Aizuddin Akmal. He was born on 28 April 1995. He left home and never returned back since his last birthday @ 20th Birthday.

He never had a girlfriend before but while he was doing his NS (now ORD) he get to know an older local Chinese girl (Sarah). I & my Wife get to know the girl family too. Her parents has divorced, she’s staying with her mom (Esther) and younger brother Dylan in Chai Chee area.

Missing Son And Chinese Gf

My boy is a filial son; he is humble and very kind in nature. He is being loved by many in our family. Since his last birthday he was last seen on Instagram with the girl family before he blocked all communication channels with all his family and close friends who know us. We did not have any misunderstandings before he left. We constantly remind him of being respectful to woman and never take advantage of them. While he was serving NS as a Narcotic dog handler, we use to check with his unit if he is ok. But ever since he ORD, he is nowhere to be found.

I used to text his girlfriend to ask about his whereabouts but to no reply. As parents we kept trying to locate him via text message to the girl but she replied with a police report “claiming that” we harassed her. Astargfirullahalazim, we never will do such stupid thing to get our son back safely. I was then called up to Bedok Police Station for statement. I told the Police but disappointingly the IO told me that nothing that I can do to get my son back because he chooses to ran away from home. I was reprimanded not to text the girl or her family.

I know my son will not be like this because we are very closely knit and we never thought such thing will happen. It will be 6 months now that my boy did not return home. His hp number is 8XXXXXX5. Sadly, his Grandmother, Aunties and uncles, his elder handicap Sister and all her siblings and cousins cry and pray for his return. But he has blocked everyone. I knew that the girl was evil in a way that she made a false report against us to the police. If I did harass her, I would already be charged for the crime.

I need everybody help to bring back my beloved Son Mohamad Aizuddin Akmal. I attached my Son’s photo and the girl photo. Please let anyone PM me if they know his whereabouts.”



Source: Zarina Jaffar

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