Unapologetic Coca Restaurant Manager Shrugs Off Bbay Cockroach Found In Soup

Last saturday, my cousin and I went for a meal at the Coca Restaurant located at resort world sentosa. This is my worst experience at in my life. The food there were not fresh. And I almost swallow a baby cockroach in!

Its only when I was blowing the spoonful of soup then I realise there is this black thing in my soup which on closer look I realise thats it’s a baby cockroach which i always saw in the car! And this cockroach totally make me filled with goosebump and lost my appetite.

My cousin called the manager and showed her the bowl of soup with the special ingredient. To our horror, this manager dont seems to be surprise or apologetic when she saw it. She can just told us that its just a small flying insect and cause we are seated near to the door the swing door open and close and its normal that this will happen. My cousin and i was more shock when we hear this.

And she did not even bother to do anything until my cousin said then what are you going to do now. Arent you going to change a new utensils and everything then she bothered to change.ue t And she just leave without even apologise to us or anything. But honestly I’m already too disguised to eat anymore. The manager then just continue to do her things like nothing happened at all which makes us even more unhappy about it.

When we asked for the bill and said that your manager did not even apologise for the incident that happened or give any form of compensation only then she came and apologise to us and said that she will give us free desert as compensation. Who on earth still have the appetite for desert after seeing a cockroach in her soup. And if i were to just drink the soup without blowing i might just drink it unknowingly.

As an F&B establishment, i seriously don’t think this is acceptable especially when the location is filled with tourist. It just goes to show how terrible is singapore standard. That was my first visit to this restaurant at RWS and I am pretty sure I am too freak out to enter this particular restaurant anymore.

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