Malay Kuehs Should Not Be Rebranded As Peranakan Kuehs

“These are Malay kuih, not Peranakan. If you click the link, you’ll see that a vast majority of these kuih are those that you see so many Malay women sell to get by.

“In an accompanying note, he explained that the illustrations were a part of a “proposal” he did for a Peranakan restaurant (which one could it be?). He went on to say that his illustrations for each kueh had led to the “discovery” of more kuehs he “never knew”.”

Wow, ok. You discovered a racial cuisine of a country you’ve been living in for…. How long now? “Discovery”. “Never knew”. Rebranding Malay kuih to Peranakan kueh. Hmmm. Getting serious colonial vibes here.

Peranakans want to claim it’s theirs and commodify it. What else are you going to claim yours? All of Malay cuisine? The Malay language? Fxxx off.”

Editor’s Note: Sangeetha Thanapal posted the above comments by Zarifah Anuar, on Facebook.


Source: Sangeetha Thanapal

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