Despite Baseless Accusations, Mufti Fatris Bakaram Has Conducted Himself With Decorum

A brother sent us the following message:

Last night, I chatted with my wife about Terence, that biadab man and his insult of Ust Fatris.

As I was speaking of Ust Fatris, I found myself feeling teary.

To think that someone like Terence Nunis, who is so rude and uncouth speaking the way he did on Ust Fatris is so unacceptable.

I am not a fan of MUIS as it is currently organised.

But regardless of my opinion about MUIS, Ust Fatris is someone I have total respect for.

Let me recount an incident that shows how our Mufti is. Last year, I had a discussion with some brothers on FB.

These brothers made fitnah and insulted the Mufti.

And I cautioned them by saying “keep making these fitnah. It will add to his scale of good deeds”.

When Ust Fatris found out about the post and what I said, he contacted me.

Instead of saying he felt hurt by the fitnah and insults these others were making about him, he said:

“akhi, there is one part of it that hurts me deep inside, when you replied to one of the comments saying “But keep making these fitnah. It will add to his scale of good deeds”.

Akhi, how is it possible that I can feel happy wishing brothers that I love dearly to continue do things that will cause their deeds transferred to my scale?

Allah is my witness on how much I love you, akhi. And how much I love all whom Allah chooses to be my brothers. Without exception.”

Ust Fatris did not contact me because he was upset with the fitnah.

He contacted me because he was in pain that these brothers may lose their good deeds.

And he declared that he loved these brothers, even those who made fitnah against him.

Without exceptions.

Such is our Mufti.

We may disagree with MUIS or any organisation.

But for someone to insult the Mufti, to call him names and abuse him is beyond biadab.

By Allah, I believe Ust Fatris is a mercy to our community.
May Allah keep him strong and healthy.

And may he help guide our community through all our challenges.

And to Terence. May Allah grant you hidayah and may you gain the adab of a Muslim.


Source: Singapore Muslims for an Independent MUIS

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