Amos Yee Threatened By ISIS?

Is Amos Yee’s life in danger? A person commenting on Amos’ FB post shared a link to a reddit post where a Mohammad Hussein claiming affiliation with ISIS, threatened Amos for  insulting Islam.

See for your self. Legit or troll?

Whatever Amos has said, reacting with violence will only make people look down upon us.

Threat Amos Yee 1

Threat Amos Yee 2


Reddit Threat


my name is Mohammad Hussein and I am affiliated to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as ISIS. Please do not call us Daesh, that is a name for pussies like you.

We noted how Amos Yee, a teen from Singapore, insulted our almighty God Allah. We are very displeased about this. As the representative of my group, I would like to warn you against committing such future acts or saying words anywhere remotely close to what you did.

Even though it is out of character, we will give you a chance. You can either apologies to all the Muslim brothers and sisters whose religious feelings you have wounded. Otherwise, you will feel our wrath.

Yes, don’t be fooled. This is a death threat. We know where your parents live. We know what they do. We will not relent in our pursuit of you. You are not safe anywhere, even in police custody or in jail. We will find you. We will burn your hair. We will gouge out your eyes with pitchforks. We will cut off your tongue. We won’t cut your jugular because that is too quick a death for you. You deserve a slow and painful death.

We will rip your abdomen open and fill it with ants and maggots. We will watch as these creatures which are infinitely better than you eat your heart out. We will then mutilate your body and slice off your penis and testicles, feeding to the dogs. Lastly, we will burn your body so that it will be condemned forever to hell.

Amos, this is your last and final warning. Do not think that we are joking. We will hunt you down till the ends of the earth. When you offend the holy followers of Allah, even the FBI and CIA will not be able to save you.

Al fateha, Amos.

Allahu Akbar!


Source: Amos Yee 

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