Bruneians Of Different Ethnicities Are Happy With The Country And The Monarch, Others Are Just Jealous

A rich benovelent Muslim patriarch adopted children (some were homeless) of different ethnic backgrounds and faiths into his family and received them into his house- a place to call home, living together with his own children.

He cares and loves all his children. He doesn’t need them to contribute to household expenses (no income tax), instead he provides them free education (up to university level- even abroad!), free medical care (even sending some abroad for treatment) and even subsidised fuel for their cars, earning the envy of everyone in town. He only asks for his adopted children to respect the religion and culture of his family, which have been the hallmark of his ancestral house for generations. He allows his adopted children to practise their different faiths in the house (even guaranteed it in his written pledge- the Constitution), only asking them to keep their religious observances private to themselves (they are free to decorate and celebrate in their private quarters but not everywhere in the house) as he has wished his other children to grow up to be good Muslims like himself and maintain/continue the family’s identity and legacy.

Now, some envy neighbours heard about this and are crying “abuse” in the whole town. Sadly, the others in town who have never been to the house and never know what this benovelent man has done for his children believed this accusation to be true. But all the children of the house who grew up under the care and love of this man remember his kindness know this to be untrue and love him dearly.

We, Bruneians of different ethnicities- Muslim and Non-Muslim, are all happy with all the love and blessings we have in the house “Brunei Darussalam/ Brunei- the Abode of Peace” our home and we all love our patriarch, our Sultan. May God’s blessings and guidance be with you always.


Source: Erik Ng

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