Malay Gay Couple Show Public Display Of Affection On Train

Lately on my way back home in the train, from Orchard to the northern side of singapore, ive been seeing this very open gay couple.

2 young malay guys, very slim and pretty tanned. U guys hold hands and hug each other in the train. Acting like how any other hetrosexual couple.

I applaud for both your braveness to be very open. This is what every other gay couple are looking forward to. Making it more like a norm.

On Monday, you guys were quarrelling with each other. I find that pretty cute. Its not like everyday u get to see gay couple on the street and what more arguing with each other. Im not saying that u guys are a nuisance and should quarrel more but it makes me happy seeing u guys together.

im like aww… look at them.. gay couple.. arguing.. soo cute…

There was a lady beside me with her boyfriend. The boyfriend was looking at you guys and giving that kinda disgusted look but the lady was saying ‘they are quarrelling but that makes them a stronger couple’. Zero homosexual comment. She even jokingly said to her boyfriend, ‘stop staring at them with that look or else im not gonna talk to you!’

It warms my heart to hear that. Just sharing some stuff… Cheers!


Source: GLBT Voices Singapore

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