Widowed Mother Of 5 Young Children Need Your Help

Hi Mr Goh Gilbert

I read the news about the single parent assistance scheme on your FB…I am a single mum of 5 young kids too age 14,9,8,7 and 19 months.

My only sole breadwinner – my late husband had passed away due to a sudden heart attack while cycling to his work place last year

The CDC used to help me out but now they close my case and i have to wait a year before I could re apply for assistance.

They have this policy that they can’t help a family for more than 24 months.

We are currently staying in a rental flat in Ghim Moh.

Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you.

Syah Izz

Editor’s note: If you like to assist the family please let us know. Any small direct cash transfer or delivery of groceries is much appreciated. 

Be our Good Samaritan for the new year!


Source: Gilbert Goh

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