Warning! Racist Ah Pek In Jurong West Harassing Hijabis!

Untok wanita yang berhijab hatihati yeh bilerh berjalan Di jurong west

just happen to me this morning ada apek cine nieeh main tarik ajerh tudung sesiape yang dyerh nampak . Boleh nampak that dyerh tak suke melayu . I’m consider lucky Pasal ada pakcik tolong if not taktahu laa perh Nasib I .

Kesian. Makcik makcik tk bersalah terburai tudung yeh . I tk Sempat amek gambar apek tuu.. #12012016 . Don’t know if ada orng Sempat tk snap his pic .

Waiting for it to kua manerhmanerh berite soo semuerh Muslims be alert .


Muslimahs donning hijab around Jurong West area should be careful

Just happen to me this morning…there was an ah pek who tugged at the tudungs of anyone he see. Can see that he doesn’t like Melayu. I’m consider lucky because there was a Pakcik who help me ┬áif not i don’t know what could have happen to me.

So pitiful those makcik-makcik innocent had their tuung taken off. I didn’t manage to take a pic of the ah pek.#12012016 ..Don’t know if other manage to take his pic.

Waiting for it to come up in whichever news so that all Muslims can be alert


Source: Nor Hanis


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