Damanhuri Abas: Problems Of Malay-Muslim Isolationism And Foreign-Worker Terrorists Emblematic Of PAP’s Policy Failures

First the Minister made statements that essentially are tacit admission of the failures of the government’s policies towards the Malay Muslim community which has caused the ‘distancing and alienation’.

The more critical question for the Malay Muslim community to ask both the government and the Malay leadership appointed by the PAP is to explain these failures. Maybe it got to do with something called discrimination. Not so smart after all.

Then we hear another bad news, the arrest of foreign workers who are radicals or radicalized. Again, this are glaring examples of risk that the government sadly took at the expense of the safety and interest of Singaporeans by sticking to a policy of cheap labour to shore up declining GDP instead of biting the bullet and invest in our own people to allow for greater innovation to compensate for the shortage of manpower.

Singaporeans must begin to know that the policies of the government are shallow coming from this million-dollar paid brilliantairs and they still want to justify through another warp logic called natural aristocracy.

Wake up lah 70%!!!


Source: Damanhuri Abas

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