Maarof Salleh: Don’t Be Taken In By Rahayu Mahzam, Nothing Will Change

When MP Rahayu Mahzan again raised the tudung issue in her maiden parliamentary speech, I cannot but be a bit more cynical in asking whether this is again a new ‘sandiwara’, and not a serious effort, in trying to persuade the national leadership to review its position on the subject.

The fact is the subject has been there long before Rahayu been recruited into politics, with so many dialogues and debates. But the position of the government has remained unchanged.

Like some others, I too feel such an unchanged position cannot but raise other related questions. Whether we (the national leadership and the Malay Muslim community) really understood the issue and did not react wrongly out of the misunderstanding or misperceptions of the issue? Whether those responsible for the task to explain and clarify on the issue have really done their work without fear and favour? If every possible explanation have been made why there have been no change in the leadership position in this issue?

While Rahayu’s re-raising the issue is refreshing, it is the sentiment of many that it will be yet another sandiwara in which the issue will pop up now and then, but no happy ending can be expected.


Source: Maarof Salleh

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