88-Year-Old Karang Guni Auntie Cannot Stop Smiling After Abang Melayu Helped Her

Happy Chinese New Year 2016.

Was driving back home in Toa Payoh when suddenly i saw a trolley rolling down the road with full of unused items. I was puzzled and i look around for the owner of the trolley. Ended up i saw another trolley bigger than the first one with more items and behind all this huge items i saw a small old lady. She almost get hit by a car due to her pushing the trolleys in the middle of the road. And best part there were about 2 to 3 cars passing by and never did stop and help her. Manage to stop and push up the first trolley to the pavement followed by attending to her. While approaching her all u can see is her half face with her hands waving. Due to huge boxes covering most of her body. From far she shout ‘uncle boleh tolong saya uncle boleh tolong saya!’ Which is ‘help me help me!’

Cut story short help her since i have a van. And she direct me to the place where she is going. HONESTLY if she push it on her own its gonna take her 1hr30mins or so But it was only a 5 min drive. While in the van. We talked. She was 88 years old live in toa payoh. She has kids but lost contact with her. (True or not i donno) She only drinks coffee and eat kueh pau. Spent the rest of the day serching for unused items.

Best question and answer.

Me: aunty you angkat barang kenapa banyak sangat? Satu orang dua trolley. You sudah tua makin sakit.
Her reply moved me!

Aunty: Chinese new year sudah mau datang. Saya harus kerja kuat kuat nanti dapat wang lebih boleh beli makan sedap. Boleh kasi wang sama budak budak.

And seriously it moved me! She work so hard and earn so little and her thoughts for Chinese new year is so huge. I envy her spirits.

And i never know hows a life of karang guni in Singapore till i met her. She directed me in someplace where she can sell it. And she teach me to put the items accordingly. Like papers with papers cupboards with cupboards metal with metal etc. And FYI i got scolded by her for messing it up. So have to redo everything balik. Not easy! Seriously not easy. And i got stop and questioned by Police Officer due to parking my van in the opposite direction. Which i didnt realise and the aunty directing to the place. And they left!

After all is done. I have to make my move and go home. Aunty never stop saying thank you uncle thank you uncle. Tak ada orang tolong sama saya cuma you sahaja. I told her its okay. If people help you take it as a blessing. If people dont help you dont expect much. We owe no one a living. Aunty replied. Wahhh saya happy la ini hari. So cute i tell you the aunty.

Before moving off handed a certain amount of money and all of a sudden she cried. And this is what she say. “I asked your help not for money. I asked your help to help carry the stuff cos im old and weak not for your money” translated thou.

Syam SJ Van

My reply “no worries. Keep the money. Get yourself good food. Bak kut teh or whatever u wanna eat. Get yourself good drink like wheat grass or soya bean. I dont want you to eat kueh pau and drink coffee tmr. Have something good for yourself. Prepare yourself for Chinese New Year. Buy what is necessary.”

Her face expression is priceless. Smiling with a lil tear dropping. And continue saying thank you Uncle! And i depart with good bye aunty and kong xi fa cai.

And the smile on her face stuck on my mind. I guess this is the most wide smile she smiled before. I thank Allah for letting me meet this aunty and give me the chance to help her. Things happen for a reason. Kindness start with oneself. May we be different in colours but kindness show no difference in colours. And Alhamdullilah everything is smooth. Aunty reached her destination safely.

Every happiness starts with you. To all my Chinese friend. Happy Chinese New year.

Psst. The pictures is she request to take all because ” uncle amek gambar saya la jadi uncle boleh ingat saya. Nanti bila uncle rindu sama saya uncle boleh tengok gambar saya.” Translated “uncle take my picture so you can remember me. As and when you miss me just see the pictures and you will be remembered.”

Thank you.
Kong xi fa cai!


Source: Syam Sj

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