Inconsiderate RC Member BBQ Food Along Common Corridor

Dear editor,
My inconsiderate neighbour every CNY BBQ outside the house then flower pots display until I open my door also can see…Put personal stool under my window take it like their personal garden.
Such a bully yet when my mother complain about then to the town council 15++ years ago guess what the person told my mother? Sorry please close one eye la the husband is RC member…WTF!!
And when I was in primary school we told them nicely that BBQ near plant can cause fire hazard they decided to quarrel then we call police to talk to them in the end what happen? The police just pass it off as neighbour dispute….
For sooo many years we tolerate your nonsense yet again and again you take advantage of us seriously you are such a bully spoil my CNY! still so arrogantly tell us to close the door coz you need to heat up the charcoal then what about my guest? You trying to tell me my guest should just stay indoor and all close the door? I cannot open my door for me guest to be at tht corridor too?? Don’t be ridiculous!
Pasir Ris Punggol Town Council is this how your rc member should treat their neighbors? When police tell them not to do it their still tell the police and SCDF what to do by saying that they should go assist in other major place instead of such small issue then what if fire really broke out from such small bbq?
Prevention is better than cure these people still say no one at home for so many year no complain now move back want to complain what’s the excuse? Town council already say they are wrong to do such things means no excuse!
Connie de Silva


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