Man Rides Electric Skate Scooter Through McDonald’s Drive-Thru While Smoking, Almost Langgar Car In Front

Stomper Gerald saw a man endangering himself by riding a scooter at the McDonald’s Drive-Thru at Kallang Leisure Park on Feb 8.

The man also happened to be smoking and had nearly banged into a car in front of him.

Gerald, who wondered why the man couldn’t simply get off his scooter and order food from the McDonald’s counter indoors instead, said:

“Saw this guy with a scooter at the Macs drive-thru at Kallang Lesiure Park three days ago.

“He was smoking and almost knocked into the car in front..

“I was wondering why he couldn’t have just gotten off his scooter and order food inside. Even motorcyclists don’t go through the Drive-Thru.”



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