Muslimah’s Hijab Page Reported For Nudity – Kena Sabo Ke?


Ni ada citer yg memalukan. Bisnes punya pasal boleh dengki sampai membuat fitnah.

Satu nasihat je pada semua yang ada hati nak buat bisnes…persaingan dalam bisnes tu memang adat namanya. Use the competition to improve and be better than your competitors. Jgn rosakkan periuk nasi orang lain sampai buat fitnah. Dosa besar tu.

Siapa yang takde perselisihan faham…tapi cuba control diri tu sikit.

Kita sepatutnya tolong sesama kita jadi semua dapat maju bersama.


Pls help my buddy Sri Eryani, currently she can’t access her FB page ‘Eleganz Kurve’ due to someone with PHD in the heart that reported abt her Fb.

Pls help by sharing this post and if anyone know how to retrieve back the Fb page feel free to share here.
Thank you so much all… — with Sri Eryani.

Sri Eryani



A new page created to replace my previous deleted page Eleganz Kurve Full

Hopefully, with HIS blessings and with all your kind support, this new page can be built up with great news and good deals to be shared around.

Do click the link below and “Like” the page. Fee free to also invite your friends to like my new page as how I have invited all of you ♡♡♡

Sri Eryani

Kak Ita

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