Encik Tan: CCTV Records Show That Our Chinese-Muslim Staff Did Not Act Inappropriately

On 23rd February, A.S.S. published a complaint about poor service from an Encik Tan food outlet in Bukit Panjang Plaza.
The management of Encik Tan have contacted us and issued this reply to give their account of the events that took place that day.
Read their response here.
It appears that your complain of poor service relates to the incorrect amount of money change given to your husband and the “purported” charging of replacement drinks.
We have looked into the matter and have also verified the incident with the staff in question. We actually have a rather different account of the incident which can be backed up by CCTV footage.
We have attempted to contact you for a meeting to clarify the actual details of the incident but to no avail
We sincerely hope you can get in touch with us to set up such a meeting.
You have also alleged that the staff in question may be a Chinese woman wearing a tudung for the sake of halal certification.
We would like to put on record that the staff is a Chinese muslim (as verified from her identity document).
Further, MUIS will issue Halal Certication to a food and beverage outlet based on a set of strict Criteria set out by MUIS and not in the matter you have alleged.
We are also prepared to arrange for a consultant from the Halal certification to be present at the Meeting to clarify the matter as we have build a strong bonding with our Muslim community all these years . We do not allow accusations of any form to damage our good standing.
We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible as we would like to amicably resolve the matter and clear up all the misunderstandings
PA to Group Director
Source: www.allsingaporestuff.com

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