An Encounter With Racist Father & His Kids At Hawker Centre

Dear ASS Editors,

This is a disgusting racist encountered faced by our fellow Singaporean in the hawker center. After 50 years of multi racial harmony and nationhood, such racist still exist in Singapore. Thoroughly do not understand why parents do not correct their kids and allow such racist thinking to persist.

This was his unfortunate encounter in full

“Had an interesting lunch. Someone paid me $20 to move to another table because his young children don’t want to sit and share the table with ‘a Malay man’ even though I was already there eating halfway through and they were the ones who came later.

Took the money, finished my food, and gave it to the cleaning lady instead. And told the guy what an expensive way to raise racist kids.”

Shame on this parent who does not have the sense to teach the right values to his children. Pity the children really.

A.S.S. Contributor



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