Inderjit Singh: Singapore’s National Identity Issues Need To Be Addressed

Former Member of Parliament Inderjit Singh does not mince his words when talking about several issues the government needs to look into in order to show that it is in touch with the people on the ground.

In an interview with Inconvenient Questions (IQ), he shared his thoughts on what on what makes a Parliament that has better checks and balances, and how the government can avoid falling into the elitism trap.

He also said that his wish for Singapore society was a stronger national identity. In relation to that, Singh, who has previously pointed out the issues around integration in the Indian community, noted that integration remains an important issue that needs to be addressed in Singapore.

“Today, we have a situation where integration is not happening as well as we want to. People don’t identify together as Singaporean as much as we want to,” he told IQ.

He stressed that it is crucial that Singapore focuses on developing a national identity. “In times of difficulty, this commonness is what will help us pull through a difficult period.”

Watch the full interview below:



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