Hijabi: Auntie Let Me Have Aircon Even Though Bus Was Hot

The other day, it was super hot, and I boarded a super crowded bus from the airport heading home.

Me and 2nd boy sat right at the back, left side of the bus. Beside me was a lady (not really sure what race) and it looked like she just got off from work.

She asked me, “the Aircon cold or not?”

I placed my fingers close to the Aircon vent to check. “OK la aunty. Quite cooling. Are you hot, I shift it for u?”

She replied “no no no. U take. I know u wear this ah (pointing to my Tudung) so u need more Aircon. U take u take. The bus at the back always very hot one.”

It was true. It was very warm. Plus the crowd made it warmer.

I shifted the vent to blow in her direction.

She just smiled at me : ))

We need more of her please


Source: Siti Khadijah Kat

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